The hourglass

blackhole-s The sand of every cycle is the same and infinite is the history of sand; so,underlying your fortunes and your sorrows,yawns an invulnerable eternity.

It never stopes, the spilling of the sand.
I am the one who weakens, not the glass.
The rite of the falling sand is infinite
and, with the sand, our lives are leaving us. by J.B from the hourglass


One of many causes to hate

When I was confronting the authority in Caen Préfecture au bureau des étrangers, It didn’t take long to notice that her angelic smily face leaked out the cruelty of her mind. Her arbitrary and capricious words rejected every papers I’ve prepared attentively. The same visa the same papers that I’ve been presented as an artist for last 15 years in France.

When authority says ‘no’ then there is no reason needed. This is the power obviously they have. Préfecture de Caen has been my nightmare since I’ve first visited there in 2013. I was quite shocked how they have treated people without humanity. I heard people were waiting outside a whole night to be in the office. In 2014 they refused my visa because they found the error. Even though they agreed that there has been a mistake by them, it took me 21 months through 2 (recommendée) letters and 4 mental draining visits, just to have an appointment with them. Préfecture de Paris can be very nasty in their attitude but they know what they do. The worst problem in this Préfecture de Caen is that they do not know about their work well.

While she was picking up unreasonable and illogical errors on my papers, she got stuck with ‘artist visa’ and ‘maison des artistes’. She never have heard of it, she said. Finally I had to leave the office without visa again. It seems to me that looking for the right reason why she reject my visa statue back is just ridiculous. I wonder one day when she need to claim her own justice, would she think that she deserve it? I think she would. Because this state of people would never imagine how they cause sufferings to other people’s life. Just before leaving I thanked her and looked back the small room. There are full of people who were sitting and nervously waiting for their turn. People who do not have much choice in a foreign land.

None of country is perfect, none of ethnicity is better than the others. And whether we like or not we all live together. There are constant injustice everywhere but when we justify our dislike and hatred, we increase darkness in this world, that is the fact. When we respond hatred to hatred, we lose. I see the matter of this world as between kindness-ability people and kindness-inability people. Of course it comes with the state of mind. We are all one human group and our direction is making by our own consciousness. Without compassion and love this world would never be where we all wish to be.

-world map divided by state of mind-
world map s

Farmer President

He is saying that “you can’t live going in circle. Why we have a revolution? It is for equality”. Jose Mujica formal Uruguay president who showed to the world that what democracy truly means. His life and thoughts are filled with wisdom and they are very inspiring. Why we love to worship ? Why not just ‘like it’ and ‘learn from it’ then move on? Why we don’t want to be free? Why are we so afraid? I think that if world can get more and more politicians like him, war will be very unlikely .. The artist who made this video, Yanne Arthus Bertrand is quite amazing also. I would love to learn more about his work. Nobody is perfect but I think that if we listen and learn from these beautiful people our future would be much more bright one.

I made a drawing of Jose Musica and his two dogs. While I am drawing him I feel that my blood cells are dancing in harmony.

Jose Musica1s

When will this stop…

syrian war1s black The answer for me is as long as we have hatred in our heart this will continue. This is not one country problem, this is human problem. People who think it is not their problem, it is because they are not serious enough. They don’t face the true reality which is that we are in one human world ; it has been already sometime now. Assad al bashar blames on West? It just makes me utterly speechless. But if I hate him, I am one of people who cause the war… so… Let’s get my energy to use into right place with clear mind. How easy to hate someone and blame, judge others! And when we do that how we feel so great… The thing is to control angers when we confront injustice is very difficult. We all have wonderful obvious 100% clear reasons to hate someone or something. The reasons are never wrong but you have your reason I have mine…. So our conflict never ends. If you are important you must understand that I am important too. If we don’t understand this simple relationship, then we need to continue this war over and over again until someone finally blow up this whole earth blinded by hatred. There is no other way. We need to see the fact that we are all together in this earth. And without love and compassion we are dead already. Winter is coming and life striving long journey will be continued to refugees… and probably all countries who made changes by refugees would need some time to adjust. It won’t be that easy for both side. But this should be a new path in different history. Honestly I am quite surprised by Germany who shows us such courage and determination.

Charlie Hebdo cover opens door to forgive the terrorists

I participated “rassemblement Charlie Hebdo” with friends in Caen on Sunday evening.
While we were walking the rally among many people, my friends told me that such numbers of people’s gathering was the first time of their life. This attack certainly put the fire of human heart. Two brothers made terrible ugly crime with the stupid thought that they could play martyr! I do sympathize them. When I read their upbringing and miserable life, I understood that they were the people who have nothing to lose and went badly to the other side of world.  They shamed on their own religion, killed total 17 innocent people and left deep grieving to their family and of course made ‘Charlie Hebdo’ ever popular in the world. The one of victims, editor’s daughter told us “they killed my father but they failed kill his idea, they were not able to make it disappear. On the contrary it is getting bigger and alive much more than ever, I hope.” And it does. Hebdo s

Among crowds I saw many messages people carried on their hands which indicates that we stay for love and peace, not to allow division and not to mix with Islamophobia. I absolutely felt warm in my heart with human dignity in quite cold weather. It was mostly quiet and there were wave applauses out of silence many times and they were deeply moving. I felt that we were really there to support victims and to hold the value of free thought and free expression as human being. It was an honorable chance for me to share their loss. Chérif kouachi before he was killed, said that they were financed by Al-Qaeda, as if this message must be said to the world. What Al-Qaeda wants? A revenge for their God? If this is true they are incredibly stupid, because everyone can see the result of their revenge it only made their God very inferior to the world. I rather assume what they really want is a division by hatred in human heart. That would be by Evil not by God obviously. I am sorry for their behind-ness and soulless-ness.

When ‘Je suis Charlie’ started to spread quickly through whole nations, I didn’t know exactly where it was heading but now I know what people want in France is not a war but ‘liberty, fraternity and equality’ as true Republican country. Their roots of spirit only get stronger and more mature than ever. I didn’t see any sign of violent monstrous anger on them but I witnessed free minded people with strength and beauty of their own cherish humanity. I took it from my core of heart and respected profoundly as one citizen of the world in 20th century. I know not much about politics but I do know there are fools for many reasons. And between love and hate, where we contribute our life will be our choice.

Every human being has a right to live with their own voice.
Violence and hatred never prevail.

Je suis Charlie.
Je suis Ahmed.
Je suis Human.
Je suis Liberté.

Charlie Hebdo made their first cover since the attack and said the cover was a call to forgive the terrorists who murdered her colleagues last week.

Yes, freedom should be expressed in respect to the others but that doesn’t make any excuse to kill people.

We need the sea to heal…

lying man1s

It would need to go to the sea bottom
now you leave me as a package of the world
It would need the sea with its storms
to bump loud into your windows again.

It would need the sea
Where there isn’t love.
The sea in this world which need to be rebuilt
It would need the sea.

Song of “Ci vorrebbe il mare” by Marco Masini

Birtches, Berezy (Берёзы)

birtches sWhy do birches in Russia sounds so beautiful?
Why do they, white-trunked, understand everything?
They stay near to the road and wind
And drop their leaves sadly

I’ll walk on a road, I’m glad to the space
Maybe it’s everything that I know in the world
Why do leaves fly down so sadly
And caress my soul under my shirt?

My heart is hot
And again it feels there’s no answer
And a leaf of a birch fell on my shoulder
He is like me, broke away from a branch

“My dear, let sit down with you for a good road*
You should understand that I’ll come back, no need to be sad,
And my old mother will wave me goodbye
And close the gate

Why do birches in Russia sound so beautiful?
Why does it play harmonica sound?
Fingers can press all keys fast in one moment like wind
And at last oh.. sink down.

Beautiful Russian folk song by Lyube.(of course I have no idea about Russian Language although I love to learn one day, I mixed two translated version to make it sense.) But if you know better, pls let me know.

Homage drawing to Nelson Mandela

nelson mandela s

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” N.Mandela

Fearless journalist

michael hastings sp

“Michael Hastings went far in the span he had. One of our finest young investigative journalists, high stakes reporting in a sense cost him his life. We desperately need more and more young men and women such as Michael, willing to protest the intolerable war crimes and arrogance of our supremacy-seeking society.” Oliver Stone

Proud Whistle-blowers

35 years in prison.
This is truly heart breaking.
Powerful war criminals put an innocent brave young man in prison.

I do believe in decent gentle kind loving, the true humanity.
Bradley Manning is a proud and beautiful human being.
Between ugly and beautiful mind, how we perceive that all depends on our own strength and vision.
In a way ugly mind has to be there to make beautiful mind shine through…

bradley manning +osw
“government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

bradley manning scw

Official Washington still glorifies George W. Bush’s “successful surge” in Iraq while ignoring the wanton slaughter inflicted on Iraqis. So, there remains a high-level desire to harshly punish Pvt. Bradley Manning for exposing the horrific truth about that and other war crimes. By Ray McGovern


The child hunters

hunter's karma s postWould you allow your child to use a gun to hunt and kill animals? Across Australia there are thousands of families who not only let it happen, they encourage it. Hunting is now a growth sport and the reasons are simple. For many it’s exciting, selling guns is a lucrative business and hunters have new-found political muscle. by Australian documentary Oct 2013.

In that film a boy said “you feel some kind of compassion but you need to get over it.”

WHY? I wonder if the boy asked to himself.
It is to kill more and to have fun. What’s wrong with that?!?

There was also children serial rape killer documentary. This man has no compassion on his victims, he would say that he just needs to get over it. Otherwise how he could keep rape and kill children?

Compassion we have in our heart is to grow more and not to diminish in any case in life.

Jeanne D’arc

Joan of Arc
jeanne d'arcWith one occasion last week I studied of her life a little and realized that France wouldn’t exist without this maid of Orleans (la pucelle d’Orléans). This is very a fact. And she received the voice from heaven. Those high spirit missionary people always end up by sacrificing their life… I noticed this since I was very little. But this time her story helped me to understand another step of my mind.

In her trail, she had been asked if she knew she was in God’s grace, she answered : “If I am not, may God put me there, and if I am , may God so keep me.” If she had answered yes, then she would have convicted herself of heresy. If she answered no, then she would have confessed her own guilt. She was an uneducated little village peasant girl. (1412-1431).

« Sur l’amour ou la haine que Dieu porte aux Anglais, je n’en sais rien, mais je suis convaincue qu’ils seront boutés hors de France, exceptés ceux qui mourront sur cette terre. » Her prediction during the trial also came true. Imagine if there is no France today…!!

Soon as wind blows.. I will leave again..

Dès Que Le Vent Soufflera

la mer s
It’s not the man who goes to the sea
It is the sea who takes the man tatatin

C’est pas l’homme qui prend la mer
C’est la mer qui prend l’homme

For me the sea took me
unprepared never mind

Moi la mer elle m’a pris
Au dépourvu tans pis

my heart was sick on fury ocean
4hours I vomited and
at midnight I’ve got hit everywhere
I slept in wet blankets.
These were my cost.
It is boating, it is fun.

J’ai eu si mal au coeur
Sur la mer en furie
Qu’ j’ai vomi mon quatre heures
Et mon minuit aussi
J’ me suis cogné partout
J’ai dormi dans des draps mouillés
Ca m’a coûté ses sous
C’est d’ la plaisance, c’est le pied

As soon as wind blows
I will leave again
when wind turns
we will go…

Dès que le vent soufflera
Je repartira
Dès que les vents tourneront
Nous nous en allerons